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    The activity of ASA Construction Ltd. can be divided into four main categories: production of precast reinforced concrete structures, assembly of reinforced concrete structures, general contracting and industrial floor execution. These four domains cover a significant part of the Hungarian construction industry.

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    The activity of ASA Construction Ltd. can be divided into four main categories: production of precast reinforced concrete structures, assembly of reinforced concrete structures, general contracting and industrial floor execution.

We are almost unparalleled in the assembly of precast reinforced concrete structures as we not only market our product, but we do our own production design with an in-house designer team, respectively we assemble the products we manufacture with our own assembly teams. The general contracting department carries out each year several projects ranging from logistic hall and industrial hall, through plant and warehouse constructions to the execution of infrastructural object, like harbour constructions or sheet pilings. In industrial flooring we are also market-leaders in Hungary which is due to our exact and high standard executions.

Our company is constantly active in the R&D of new precast products, as a result of which we are producing bridge beams, sheet pile elements, precast reinforced concrete piles, precast rc reservoir elements, respectively entire precast rc industrial hall systems. Developments and trial tests in industrial flooring are also ongoing, as we strive to supply our Client floors with even better surface precision and higher strength.

Production of Reinforced Concrete Structures

We produce and store precast reinforced concrete structures in our own 6.7 ha plant in Hódmezővásárhely. The plant has a capacity of 30,000 m³/year and a further 15,000 m³/year ready-mixed concrete production capacity marketed to clients in Hódmezővásárhely and its surroundings.

Precast elements are manufactured on four production lines. In our winterized production hall commissioned in 2008 we have a SLIPFORMER slab production line working. The machine and equipment pool here is suitable for the production of ribbed-above filigree panels, respectively hollow core slab elements. In this hall we also have a 3x120 m tensioning line for the production of pre-stressed beams. In the old hall we can produce reinforced pre-stressed elements on lines of 6x80 m and 3x60 m. Production drawings are adapted to the steel mould park developed for the individual technical solutions of ASA, nevertheless we often service very specific production tasks in the plant that require special, individual formwork planning and production. Two concrete station supply the necessary concrete quantity with capacities of 45 (SIMEM), respectively 60 m³/hour (FEJMERT). Concrete is delivered from the station to the production lines by an automated overhead distribution shuttle (PCE ELEMATIC).

The quality of the concrete recipes is verified by our own concrete laboratory functioning within the precast plant, nevertheless the conformity of our concretes is supported also by independent laboratory results. The load bearing capacity of our concrete products, respectively the features of our special products are tested on our own test bench constructed in 2012. Our products and structures possess a Production Control Conformity Certificate and where possible with CE marking. Our quality management system functions based on the requirements of the standard ISO 9001.

We are experienced also in the use of fibre concretes and we already have references both with steel and plastic fibre concretes, respectively concrete products. We undertake also the production of very specific products. Beside “traditional” structures we are able to produce arched elements, shell elements or even patterned wall panels.

We mainly execute the assembly on site of the reinforced concrete elements produced by our company, but we also possess all necessary equipments, tools and licences to undertake the execution of cast-in-situ parts, covers and claddings, respectively steel elements connected to our structures:

  • 4 pcs. of telescopic boom cranes with a load capacity ranging between 55-90t
  • 9 pcs. of automatic person lifts
  • special lifting accessories and fastening devices
  • other small machines and tools
  • 3 in-house assembly teams of 6 people
  • optical and laser measuring devices
  • site containers
  • safety equipments

General Contracting

We push our projects through from the very start of the investment through the design and execution up to the commissioning.
From the early design stages we focus on the best possible solutions to save you time and money.

Comprehensive Design

We offer our clients complete, turn-key services in the design of industrial, logistic, commercial, storage, office, social and agricultural establishments, from the concept design through the stages of licensing up to the detailed execution and as-built drawings. You may also request our design services for partial tasks independently from the construction.

Choose us:

Investor Representation

We advocate the interests of investors comprehensively and consequently throughout the entire investment procedure, so your ideas and plans shall become reality within the planned and agreed cost frame and envisaged deadline.

Our Expert Team

We work with a highly trained, tried-and-true specialised designer team, who stand for the quality and speed of their services with the experiences gained both in design and execution. The entire work of our static engineering and architecture design team, as well as of all necessary specialised subcontractors (mechanical, electrical, etc.) is well- concerted and fluid.

Complex thinking from the birth of the concept up to the execution drawings

  • Investment cost optimization

We prepare the drawings, cost estimations and the detailed budgets taking into consideration the local regulations and your demands. So you will know from the beginning of the design phase how much the construction costs. We provide you with a clear picture on investment costs from the birth of the idea throughout the entire design stage.

  • Modern construction materials, energy saving

During the design and the execution phases we inform you ont he advantages and disadvantages of different construction materials and technologies, so that you have the widest range of information available to take the best decisions. As main aspects we always concentrate on energy saving and sustainable development.

  • Shapes and space connections - a well working building

Based on regular discussions with you our experts elaborate the optimal shapes and space connections of the building and prepare the detailed technical drawings. With the latest IT tools and software we make a detailed 3D model of the designed establishment. Out of the drawings made in the course of the discussions conducted with you we prepare a visualisation so that you can really see the building in every stage of the design process.

General Contracting

In this domain we perform for sake of a complex service offered to our clients mostly the general contracting tasks of (industrial, logistic, commercial, storage, social, etc.) construction and investment projects built of the precast reinforced concrete products produced in our own plant. From the birth of the idea up to the turnkey reception, our technical team and design engineers work on developing the optimal execution of the investments according to the needs of the client, assuring thus client satisfaction. We have long-standing relationships with our sub-contractors, so we can guarantee you all advantages of an execution synchronising the structure construction with all sub-contractor companies all around the country and also in more and more neighbouring countries. ASA Construction Ltd. fulfils its contractual obligations according to the provisions of the ISO 9001 quality management standard.

Industrial Floor Construction

The industrial floor (concrete floor) construction capacity of reaches almost to 400 thousand m² per year. The technically and technologically highly developed industrial floor construction, respectively a major and high standard mechanization covering the entire execution process are the basis of an efficient and high quality floor execution.

Outstanding investments of recent years were the acquisition and exploitation of laser controlled laser-screed concrete finishing machines and Topping spreaders allowing us to reach higher productivity and quality in the execution of industrial concrete floors.

We kept the pace with client demands that underwent some changes and we adapted our performance to the execution of industrial floor satisfying higher technical demands. We adapted our technology and technical background to these increased requirements. With the implementation of our new technologies we obtained remarkable success in the execution of industrial floors requiring high surface precision (high bay warehouses) or a salient surface fastidiousness (coloured, polished).

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