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CONSOLIS Plastering™

High-quality solution to create jointless, colourful facades for both residential and non-residential buildings

Our concept is an industrialised production of precast concrete walls made with the highest quality standards, combined with a fine layer application of colour plastering on site.

How is it made?

At our factory — A “sandwich” structure on the surface of the wall:

  1. Concrete inner layer
  2. Mineral wool insulation
  3. Plaster fastening hooks: 3 pieces/m²
  4. Plastering metal net
  5. Plaster layer: 20mm

  6. At the construction site — Final plastering

  7. Joints between walls are filled with grey plaster
  8. Final layer of plaster (5mm) with the colour of your choice will cover the entire facade


  • Joints and connections between walls are permanently covered
  • Plaster available in more than 200 standard colours
  • Fast production and easy installation
  • No scaffolding needed on-site
  • Water repellent
  • Durable, with good impact resistance and sound insulation
  • ossibility to preinstall windows in walls at our factories
  • Professional assistance from planning to implementation
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