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High quality precast concrete elevator shafts for residential and commercial buildings for new construction and renovation

CONSOLIS EcoShaft™ has been developed in cooperation with the world leading elevator suppliers, as well as the largest construction developers. The EcoShaft™ is suitable for their most common elevator models used in residential and commercial buildings all across Europe. Our shafts follow perfectly the EU standards that apply for the elevators of such buildings: 8 people, 630kg and door width 900mm.

CONSOLIS EcoShaft™ is suitable for buildings of 4-10 floors, either for new construction or renovation.

EcoShaft™ features:

  • Fast production and easy installation, no scaffolding required
  • Cost-effective solution: less labour costs on-site and fewer use of materials
  • Flexibility: shafts can be load bearing or non-loading bearing
  • Designed as a made-to-measure concept with a tolerance of +/- 2mm
  • Fits with elevators from: KONE, OTIS, SCHINDLER, THYSSEN and more
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